Hi everyone,

Last month we shared an updated photo of our friend Beaubrun and his family. This month we feature one that includes him as well, but it was taken almost 15 years ago, at the time we started our nutrition programs.

After we had the necessary funds, we bought the first pots, pans, and eating utensils — shown in the picture. From left to right is Rosemi, whom we called the mayor of Desca, Beaubrun, and a teen named Marie, who is now a grown woman. It isn’t a great picture, but looking back, you can tell how far we have come.

The program started in July, and by the next year we had funding to start another, the next year another, and then another. We are where we are today because of you and your help in providing the kids (and often, anyone who comes) a good hot meal along with their vitamins.

The difference those two things have made is visible in children not being as sick as they were, no malnourishment in these villages, no skin problems that once were common, and it even extends into their ability to learn in the schools associated with the programs. A hungry child had a very hard time concentrating on ABC’s.

Obviously, we could not have done any of this without those individuals that give, or the churches involved with yearly fund raising for those programs. Every evening when you sit down to eat, we hope you will take a minute to think about the kids you are helping.

Update on Terry: All the blood tests from the bone marrow clinic last month were negative for detectable cancer cells. They are going to start the implant the 19th of April. First, they insert wires into her spine, taping the device on her side, After a week if everything works okay, they will implant everything next to her spine, and she will control it with a remote control. To say the least, she is very excited to have it done. This past month she has been in more pain than previously, so along with praying for our friends in Haiti, let’s keep this in our prayers too.

As always, thank you for everything you do to help,

Serving HIM,

Steve and Terry