Hi everyone,

Thank you for the emails and contacts concerning Terry’s implant trial on April 19. It went much better than she expected, and there were very few times she had any pain. After the leads were placed in her spinal cord, they set four different programs, with her input, and she could change the settings as she felt it was needed. The times she did feel pain, she could change the setting and it would go away. There was one setting that was just for sleeping; although she couldn’t feel it, her brain knew it was there, and it allowed her to sleep better than she has in at least two years. No leg pain at night, no cramps in her legs or feet … it just worked great. They will do the permanent implant the 15th of May. They will replace the leads then implant the “generator” — something like a pace-maker — next to her spine right above her belt line. Thank you for continuing prayers for this.

Haiti finally has a democratically elected and installed president! That is saying something. He is Jovenel Moïse. Those we work with say he is the best man for the job and is very well known throughout the country, He is known as “banana man” because of all his banana farms and jobs they produce.

One of the problems facing them now is the 50,000 Haitians in the US who were given temporary protected status after the earthquake in 2010. Unless something happens, they will all be deported back to Haiti. The problem is they now have jobs and homes in Florida. Over 500 have full time jobs at Disney World and thousands more have jobs in the Florida tourism industry. If deported, they have no homes or place to go in Haiti.

Add to that, there are still more than 40,000 people still living in makeshift shelters and the country is facing a food shortage since hurricane Matthew. Let’s pray they can stay at least until the situation is better in Haiti.

School has a little over another month and we will end the year with right at 475 children, grades preschool through the sixth. All of those are in the feeding programs you provide.

Thank you for all your prayers and wishes for Terry, what you do for us and for our friends in Haiti.

Serving HIM,

Steve and Terry