Free clinics are held in every village where we work. In some areas we ask if they can pay $5 Haitian (about .62 USD), which goes to pay those in the village working with us. Any money left over is donated to the local church. If they can’t pay, they know they won’t be turned away. Everyone (adults and children) receives a physical, vitamins, and full course of medication, if needed.

Physical needs that we cannot handle are referred to Haitian or Cuban doctors with whom we have developed relationships. The majority of those visits and tests, if needed, are paid by Haitian Island Ministries.

The clinics are held where they are needed — sometimes in an actual clinic, sometimes in homes, or sometimes in one of our buildings. The buildings are built with this in mind: use it on Sunday for church, weekdays for school, and also for clinics. Benches are built so we can turn them one way for church and the other for school; the backs are slanted so that they can be used as desk tops.