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January 2018…. A New Year!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and is ready for 2018. Really, it seems like not that long ago we WERE 18 and thinking how old we would be in 2000. And now, it doesn’t seem quite so bad.

The results from Terry’s last appointment were not what we wanted to hear. The cancer is back, and she had a bone marrow biopsy December 21 which confirmed that. January 3rd and 5th she will have MRI’s done to see if it is in any area of her body yet. After that the chemo treatments will begin and then another stem cell transplant. In addition to this, she has had pneumonia for well over a week and is slowing getting better.

There are some good points this time. We know it was seen as soon as it appeared in blood tests. Stem cells are already waiting since they took enough for two transplants, so she won’t have to go through that again. We know one of the reasons she was in so much pain the last time, so they can avoid that medication, and the fact that we know what is coming next. That doesn’t make it any easier on Terry but at least we know what the next step will be.

But, not lost in this is the fact we are moving into a new year and with that comes new possibilities, not just here but in Haiti as well. So, when you pray make sure your prayers include our friends in Haiti, each other, our country, and for Terry’s treatment and health.

Thank you for all you did in 2017, what you have done in years past, and what we can do together in 2018.

We love you. Happy New Year!

Steve and Terry

Christmas 2017

It’s hard to reach this time of the year and not think about that first trip to Haiti in December 1994. It’s impossible to get here and not think of all the people who have made all those years possible.

Obviously, all of you have been very important to the ministry and us personally, but there are two people you may not know about. In late October 1994 they decided to pray that God would open more doors for Steve to be more involved in missions than he was. Working in three area hospitals, he would save discarded supplies that were still usable, and had converted our two-car garage into a “warehouse,” complete with inventory system. International Aid, an organization in Spring Lake Michigan, would send a truck to our house in Wentzville to pick them up.

Within 48 hours after the two started praying, Steve was asked he if could be a member of a team going to La Gonave, an island off Haiti’s west coast. Steve would replace a person who had committed to going, but with just six weeks to go, he had to drop out. Steve’s name came up, and the rest is as they say “history.”

At first, we were just trying to provide free medical care to those would had no money to pay for it anyway. Schools and nutrition programs were nothing more than dreams. We weren’t ready for that and God knew we weren’t. Then, fifteen years ago, we had the money to start the first nutrition program, then the first school. Now hundreds of kids get to go to school free each day and receive a good hot meal along with daily vitamins.

We know you have seen this picture before, but it sums up all we work for and do: providing those things for kids. What child doesn’t want to learn how to read and write, not to mention eat?

Thank you for providing the ability to do these things for the kids in our villages. We hope your Christmas is blessed with the knowledge of what you given to these children. It wouldn’t happen without the gifts you give each month and year.

Merry Christmas!

Steve and Terry

P.S. Terry’s next visit to the bone marrow clinic is December 7th. Remember that date.

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