Do you want to change a young child’s life? Become a sponsor!

Haitian Island Ministries operates five schools in Haiti. Each building serves multiple purposes as a school, church, or medical clinic. The schools provide education from pre-school through the sixth grade. All students participate in our feeding program and receive free medical care and vitamins. They also learn about Christ through teaching, songs, and prayer.

You can help a child attend school by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship pays tuition for a child to attend school, relieving the family of this significant burden. Sponsorship guarantees a spot in school, pays teachers’ salaries, and helps provide supplies. Your money goes directly to the school, not to the family, so you can be sure it is being used to educate the child you sponsor.

Sponsorship costs $25/month. There’s nothing to sign; it’s strictly a personal commitment on your part. You can choose a child based on pictures we send you, or we can choose a child for you. Or you can decide to sponsor a specific school, without choosing an individual child.

When you sponsor a child, you’ll get regular updates and pictures about the student or school you are sponsoring. You’ll also receive a monthly newsletter from our ministry’s director, Steve Smith.

100% of the sponsorship money goes directly to the school your child attends. It is not given to the student or family. Giving is tracked individually for each school.

When you participate in the sponsorship program, we’ll send you a supply of envelopes for your convenience. If you bank online, you can set up automatic payments.

Schools are a safe haven for children. Often it is where they go to church, where they receive food and medical care, and it’s where they hang out when there’s nowhere else to go. Teaching children to read and write gives them the tools they need to learn and make decisions for themselves. Like all children, our students have aspirations and they want to make their country a better place; they just need the opportunity.

From early in life, children in Haiti begin working, caring for others, transporting food and water for their families, whatever they can to survive. School attendance is mandatory but, if a family can not afford the tuition, required uniforms, and supplies, their children cannot attend. Poverty begets more poverty. Education is the key to their future and we try very hard to turn no students away because of their inability to pay. By helping Haitian children stay in school, learning about Jesus, and sharing God’s love, we have the opportunity to change the future of Haiti, one child at a time.