Welcome to the official website for Haitian Island Ministries — a ministry that has been reaching out to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere since 1994. Most people in Haiti live on less than $1 a day. There is no welfare or public assistance available. About 80% of the population lives in abject poverty and 70% of the adult population cannot read or write.

Haitian Island Ministries (H.I.M.) gives its full undivided attention and resources to Haiti in an effort to bring peace and the Word of God to the people.

What is Our Purpose?

Haitian Island Ministries operates medical programs, feeding programs, and also builds schoolsand churches in some of the most remote areas of Haiti. The medical programs provide free vitamins, medicines, and medical care for hundreds of thousands of Haitians. The feeding programs provide a simple daily meal for thousands of Haitian children from several villages each month. H.I.M.’s five schools provide key primary education to Haitian children to equip them with the tools they need to improve their lives.

How You Can Help

Haitian Island Ministries has structured a sponsorship program that pays for Haitian children to attend school tuition-free. Sponsoring a Haitian family relieves them from the significant financial burden of paying school tuition. Every penny of your sponsorship goes toward paying for teachers’ salaries and school supplies. By helping Haitian children stay in school, you have the opportunity to change the future of Haiti, one child at a time.

Friends of Haiti,

20160723Have you ever had one of those “Kodak moments” and not realize you’re having it until it has passed and then it’s too late to do anything about it? The picture you are seeing is one of those times!

People ask, “Is what you are doing making a difference? Do you make a difference in the life of a child?” The young woman in the picture is a “yes” answer to both of those questions. At the time I took this I didn’t realize just what it meant and hind-sight being what it is…

This young woman, Marie-Cianne, was one of our first sponsored kids. She started in one of our schools and feeding programs when she was six years old. She went through the schools, and passed the government mandated test to pass into the seventh grade. She moved to Port Au Prince to stay with family, went two more years of school, and then got a job using the skills she had been taught. She is now is helping her family live.

I had spent most of the day in Belanger and was about to leave when I heard someone calling my name. It was Marie-Cianne. She wanted to talk, telling me all she had been doing and about her life now that she is an adult. She is 23, and a very long way from the six year old I remember. I have seen her so many times over the years.

Although it isn’t a great picture, we wanted to share it with you. It demonstrates that the school and feeding program accomplished what they are supposed to do, at least in her life. You have to believe there are more stories like hers out there.

Obviously we are there, but so are you. Your help and your giving made those things possible for her, As always, we are very thankful for each of you and what you do.

Serving HIM,

Steve and Terry

P.S. Medical update on Terry: The oncologists at St. Louis University tell us there are no “detectable” cancer cells but there are still problems with some of her blood levels. They are adjusting some of her medicine and vitamins to see if that will help. The leg pain is still there and her energy runs out very quickly. If you want to pray about this, pray about the pain and energy. If those two things would change it would make a very big difference in her life.