Hunger and malnutrition are the top risks to the health of Haitians.

Haitian Island Ministries’ feeding program started small, with a donation from a local church’s Vacation Bible School. It has since grown to include each school we operate. More than 250,000 meals are served each year.

For many children, this meal (usually beans and rice) is the only hot meal they will have each day, and may well be their only food.

The program is meant to serve a daily meal to our school children. But following the January 2010 earthquake, because so many Haitians moved out of Port-au-Prince, the program has taken on countless others who show up asking for food. Because people continue to support these programs, we have not had to turn away even one person.

Some of these programs are sponsored by women’s groups, some by VBS giving, and some by indivduals. As with the school sponsorship, there is no overhead in this program — other than buying supplies needed to cook the food.