Hi everyone,

Terry has two dates we would like for you to remember – March 2 when we will be at the bone marrow clinic for her two-year check-up, then the next day we see the doctor about the implant. Two years with no detectable cancer cells is an important step in anyone’s recovery from the transplant and if they do the implant she can possibly stop taking most if not all her medicine.

A lot of you know Beaubrun or at least know his name. He has worked with us since June 1997 — almost 20 years this year. When Steve first met him, he was a sophomore in Port Au Prince Christian College, which was taught by people from St. Louis Christian College. He worked with us part time translating and we began supporting him with his needs, including books and things he needed for school. One of the things he and Steve like to remember is when he began using the books we took him. His grades went up by quite a bit, and they thought he was cheating somehow. Steve went to the school and talked with them. When he showed them the books and reference books we had given him, they understood why.

Beaubrun has been a very good friend and continues to be a valuable part of the ministry. Now he oversees all the day to day needs. By texting, we can stay in daily contact if needed. We helped him though school, saw him married. As you can see in the picture of his family,  that union has flourished. We just don’t know how we could have done the things we have done without him. And of course, you have been a part of this as well.

God has blessed us with your help, and certainly Beaubrun’s. With all these parts working together, we have been able to accomplish the things we see today. Please remember Beaubrun and family in prayer, and remember the dates I mentioned for Terry.

As always, thank you for all you do.

Steve and Terry