Hi everyone,

Last month we sent some pictures of the outside of the new building in Belanger. We thought this month we would show you what it looks like inside, since that is where most of everything takes place.

What is most significant about this building is the fact the land was donated by a man we know who was heavily involved in voodoo. Also significant is the fact he knew the Bible would be preached every Sunday and that the school kids, including his own, would be taught Bible lessons every morning.

Another significant fact is that the ministry did not pay for the blocks to build it. Some time ago, when we started taking about needing a new building, all of us got together and decided to see how the local people and congregation could help, making it more “theirs.” For a year they raised money, talked to local block makers and others who they thought could or would help. Guess what? At the end of the year, there were enough blocks to build the building you see now — a testament to working together!

Update on Terry: The implant continues to work its magic and has to this point eliminated most if not all pain in her feet and legs, without the benefit of pain medicine. In fact, pain management has reduced two of the medicines she has been taking and we are considering dropping one other. She has just got over about the worst case of bronchitis and upper respiratory infection that kept her in bed for a week. The new visit to the bone marrow clinic and testing is August 1.

We hope you will have had a safe and happy fourth of July.

Happy Birthday America!

Steve and Terry