Hi everyone,

We’ll start with Terry’s medical “report” first. I guess you could say the implant was/is a success. Except for a very few brief periods, it has stopped any leg or foot pain. The problem right now is recovering from the incisions. There are two, each approximately four inches long — one alongside her spine and one just above and with her belt line. Although they are healing well, they are both in areas that are in constant contact when sitting, so sitting is difficult. But, this will pass and it will have been well worth it. Thank you for the prayers, emails and notes.

This month we want to share some photos of the school in Belanger where our friend Prosper works. We have worked with Prosper for 18 years. He started his school in a tin building that some of you will remember. It was like being in a sauna doing clinic there, and no better for the kids who went to the school. Women from his church would walk the three miles to Desca to our clinic and they talked us into visiting the church there. 18 years later, we are still working with them.

The school is a little closer to the main road from where it was and in a much better area. The ground it’s on was given to us by a man who was, at the time, into voodoo. Even knowing Prosper would be preaching there every Sunday, he gave us the land because he wanted his kids to go to school. There were 150 kids in the school this year, and almost as many go to church there every Sunday — including the man, who is no longer involved in voodoo.

Of course, these kids as well as kids in the other schools receive their education and meals because of you who sponsor the schools and feeding programs. Just in this one spot, consider how many children have learned how to read and write, and get to eat, because of those first sponsors. Kids we first saw are now adults with families. To Terry and me, it’s just amazing. Amazing because of God’s blessing and amazing because of God using you to help.

Thank you for all you do to help or friends in Haiti.

Serving HIM,

Steve and Terry