Hi Everyone,

The ministry certainly has a lot to be thankful for this year; All its programs have been funded because of your giving, and those who benefit from it are thankful as well: those who attend one of the schools, those children who eat at one of the feeding programs, or those who attend one of the churches. We are sure, without being told, everyone in Haiti is thankful that none of the big storms hit them this year. Storms yes, but nothing like we have seen here or in other places that are still trying to recover from them.



Of course, Haiti doesn’t observe Thanksgiving but they know we and other countries do. So those who know about it celebrate the holiday to a point, although nothing as we do. It’s somewhat like Christmas — it is a day they celebrate the birth of Jesus, without all the presents, but obviously the food.

We are thankful for all our friends in Haiti and two of those are shown in the pictures — Beaubrun and Prophet. Both men have been friends of ours for over twenty years.



Beaubrun is someone many of you know or have heard about. He has been through many things with us, and pretty much runs everything there now.

You may not know Prophet. He operates the school just on the outside of Port Au Prince near the river shown in one of the recent pictures we sent. His school is the one we combined with Joe’s school. Over 200 children attend his school.

And then we are very thankful for all your prayers for Terry. We feel that one of the reasons her treatments have gone so well is our prayer base and support. Both of us feel very blessed for your doing those things and for the notes you send.

Thank you for everything you have done for our friends in Haiti this year, and all the things you do for us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve and Terry